1 WIN Bookmaker and Casino Bonuses

Many bookmakers offer variety of bonuses to encourage and stimulate players. Bookmaker 1win is no exception. On the contrary, 1win is famous for its generous welcome bonuses, variety of promo codes and a reward program for regular players.

Let's try to figure out what kind of bonuses there are and what are the specific moments of their use. There are several main types of bonuses.

  • For example:Bonuses for registering a new account.

    This is the most common casino welcome promotion. There are two main types:
    • Deposit bonus - increases the amount deposited into the account
    • A no deposit bonus assumes that a certain amount appears on your account after the registration procedure is completed

In addition, casinos may offer bonuses for the first deposit and for placing new deposit fund.

However, you will not be able to immediately withdraw the received bonus in the form of payout (real money), it will have to be wagered by making a certain number of bets.

    • Periodic bonuses. It could be weekly, monthly, etc. bonus. The bottom line is that the casino rewards the constantly playing player.
    • Referral bonus. It is provided if your friend or someone creates an account using your referral link. In this case, you can get a bonus from the casino.
    • Payment method bonus. When replenishing a deposit in a certain way, you can also get a promotion. Such bonuses are found if the casino has an agreement on discounts with one of the payment systems.
    • Bonus for large bets. Some online casinos provide additional bonus for players making large bets.
    • Free spins. The bottom line is that the user is offered several free attempts in games on a virtual slot machine, in which funds are not debited from the deposit, but there is a chance to win real money.
    • Cashback. This is good option for every player, when part of the lost amount in a bet is paid back to the deposit.

So what bonuses does 1win offer?

One of the most popular bonus offered by bookmaker 1win is +200% first deposit bonus.

Its essence is simple: as soon as a new player registers an account and replenishes his account for the first time, the deposited amount increases by 200%. You can get it when registering at the link: Register in 1win and get a bonus.

Let's look at an example how to get and how to use a bonus:

For example, a new player decided to make 150 euro deposit to his account. The bookmaker 1win gives him as a new player a 200% bonus. So, the deposited 150 euro means that a new player receives 300 euro as welcome bonus.

In order to transfer money from the bonus account to the main account, and then withdraw it, you will need to make single bets with odds of 3 or higher. Moreover, in case of success, player receives 5% of the amount of his bet from the bonus account to the main one.

Suppose a player made a bet on the victory of his favorite team with odds of 3 and bet 100 euro. The team won, and the player's winnings will be 100 * 3 = 300 euro + 5% of the bet from the bonus account - that is, an additional 5 euro.

These 5 euro will be debited from the bonus account and will be credited to the main account, from which they can be withdrawn in any convenient way, to an e-wallet, bank card or mobile phone account.

Bets with odds below 3 are not taken into account, so such bets are not credited with a 5% deduction to the main account. Also, bets with refunds are not taken into account (for example, in case of a cancellation of a match).

Another interesting bonus that 1win offers is bonus on Express bets.

Express bet is a type of bet in which a bet is made on several different events at once. Express bets come with a lot of risk, but offer very good returns in a case of success. The essence of such a bet is simple. You make several bets and you win if all your predictions in the express bet are correct.

In this case, the odds of all events are summed up.

In order to receive the bonus for express bets from 1win, you need to place a bet on 5 or more events, and each event in the express must have an odd of at least 1.3.

At the same time, the more events in the express bet, the higher percentage of the winning amount you will receive. For example, with odds 5-events express, you will receive an additional bonus win of 7% of the amount, while with an 11-events express, your additional profit will be 11%.