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Are you a movie buff? Can't imagine a day of your life without a good movie in your evenings? Perhaps you are a fan of regular cinema, but due to the Covid pandemic, this pleasure has become unavailable for you? Or do you just prefer to enjoy a good movie in the calm and cozy atmosphere of your own apartment?

Looking for a convenient online resource with free movies?

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However, there are fewer and fewer free sources where you can spend an evening with a good movie. Websites are blocked, and each movie starts with annoying ads that follow you throughout the entire movie, appearing on the monitor at an enviable frequency and destroying the magic of the movie.

Online cinema subscription ins't cheap

Alternatively, there are numerous online cinemas that provide a huge selection of movies and TV shows that you can watch with a subscription.

Subscribing isn't cheap, though. For example, in the popular online cinema Netflix, offers subscription options with different capabilities, plans range from EUR7.99 to EUR11.99 a month. Another popular online cinema Prime Video by Amazon starts at EUR5.99 per month. This is 71.88 euro per year.

Not everyone wants to add a subscription to their mandatory monthly payments, but what can you do? Free resources are getting less and less available ... But!

Watch movies online for free

Bookmaker 1win offers all registered users unlimited access to a huge database of both classic films and new releases from the film industry.

Let's take a look at the main advantages of the 1win cinema:

  1. First and foremost. It's free. No monthly fees. Just open the site, register and watch any movie you like.
  2. No ads. Now it is very difficult to find a resource with free films that are not cluttered with advertisements. 1win is one such rare resource.
  3. Convenient movie search. Films can be sorted:
    • by release date
    • genre
    • IMDb and Kinopoisk ratings
    • by date of adding to the site
  4. Huge selection. The site contains pictures in 22 genres, among which even the most discerning film fan will find a picture to his liking.

Each movie is available in HD quality. Before watching, you can familiarize yourself with the description and the trailer, in the tab of each film its rating on IMDb is indicated, as well as the country of origin, performers of the main roles, the director of the picture and the year of release.

What else you can do at 1win bookmaker website?

Viewing all the films collected on the site is available even with a zero balance on the game account, however, in addition to new films, 1win offers other interesting entertainment:

  • Sports and eSports betting with the best odds
  • Online broadcasts of sports competitions
  • Card games
  • Live dealer games
  • Hundreds of colorful video slots
  • Poker tables

By the way, bookmaker 1win gives all newcomers a welcome bonus, which increases the first deposit made by 200%. Additionally, you can get up to 550 euro. Do not miss your chance!

Join the friendly 1win family and enjoy your evenings!