Sport betting for beginners

Sports betting is a great way to have fun and try your luck, get an adrenaline rush and maybe even make money while enjoying the game of your favorite team. To really enjoy betting, you need to take a responsible approach to choosing an honest and reliable bookmaker office. But how to choose your bookmaker?

1win sport bets

1win is a brand-new bookmaker which has gained popularity among sports fans in just a couple of years. Convenient and intuitive interface of the website, simple registration process, many options for replenishing your account and quick withdrawals. In addition, 1win is known for its generous welcome bonus, increasing first deposit by 200% and progressive bonus on multi bets.

Let's try to figure out how to succeed in the online sports betting

To get started, you need to register at a bookmaker, the official website can be found here: 1win.

So, you have successfully registered, but do not rush to mindlessly place a bet right away! First, let's try to figure out what bets are, and what a line, list and live bets are.

Bet line. This is a list of sporting events. It can be sorted in the column on the left by choosing a sports discipline, tournament and a specific competition that interests you.

List of rates. These are all betting options that can be made on an event of interest to you.

There can be many options, ranging from a bet on the victory of one of the teams and ending with a prediction of who will score the first goal in the game.

Depending on the type of competition, the betting options in the list may vary. The first goal scored, the first blood in the MOBA game, but there are more general options: total, handicap, the result of the fight.

Ordinary and Express in sports betting. You can make either a single bet on an event called a single bet or choose an express bet. Express offers several bets collected in one coupon. With an express bet, all the odds are added together, and if you win, the odds increases your bet many times, but the risk is high, because winning is possible only if all your predictions are correct.

Live bets. Live bets are interesting because bets are made directly during the fight. The odds of these bets are constantly changing, so it is important to have a good understanding of the game and make quick decisions in order to get the maximum benefit. On the 1win website, you can watch the broadcasts in real time.

How to bet on sport?

If you are just starting your way in the world of betting, then first thoroughly study the discipline you are planning to bet on, read about the favorite teams, practice making predictions and watch previous matches. You can focus on the forecasts of professional analysts, but you should not blindly trust them, because everyone can make mistakes. Train your own analytical thinking!

Can you make money on sports betting at 1win?

Definitely yes, but you shouldn't expect betting to become your constant source of income. The beauty of sports is that it is sometimes unpredictable, so in betting both ups and downs are possible. Learn betting strategies, train in analytics and forecasts, and remember that betting is primarily a pleasant entertainment, and not a way to make money in the long run.